Let's face it, Google has basically become our reality credit bureau.  If a tree falls in the woods....and if you can't find a record of it on Google, then who cares about the tree? Who helps the other trees that took damage from the fall? That poor squirrel, what's going to happen to his nuts?

Ahem...that came out a little awkward, but really, just stay with the forest/tree analogy.... 

YES, a lot of causes, groups, businesses and organizations are on google (the forest)...but there are still so many businesses (the trees) out there, new and old, that are falling down because they don't have their business logged on Google.They're falling and communities are taking on the damage. Neighborhoods are losing their local shops and salons. Families are no longer able to get food and supplies from stores that are no longer open for business...

It is our VISION  to help spread the awesomeness of Google. 

We LOVE Google (obviously).  Google keeps us company, tells us jokes, instantly finds out the things we used to have to go the the library for, recommends the right book, song or article to make us feel better about life, teaches us how to fix a leaky pipe, fix a flat, make a killer Old Fashioned, find porn and our birth moms all without the least bit of judgement. 

It is our MISSION to connect as many businesses, brands, events and causes as we can to Google. 

Google is going to literally be the annals of history one day, and we intend to have the monopoly on the "Google Fan" keyword search. We developed GoogleMeTees to share our love for learning and knowing with others and to help lead the small business online revolution. 

Our vision is to help every mom and pop shop, school, movie, etc show up in the virtual world.

So you can Google them.